An Overview : Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

The Hanuman Chalisa Yantra is a beautifully designed gold plated Yantra with the entire Hanuman Chalisa printed in readable small font size. Manufactured in the European sub continent, the Yantra comes with the unique small sized inscription as an attractive pendant. The engraving done on the crystal glass through the patented technology is of permanent type. It is actually based on the military technology for the purpose of engraving the Hanuman Chalisa. Further the gold plating is of superior quality and long lasting. On the back of the Yantra there is Hanuman Raksha Kavach which is meant to protect the user from all forms of evil. Do not fall for the cheaper version of the Yantra which is created by using the ink-on-polymer sheet technique.

The Connect:

Lord Hanuman also known as Bajrangbali protects the distressed people and all of those who remember him with their true hearts. This beautiful pendant of Hanuman Chalisa can be of great help to keep your woes at bay. The Yantra is a representation of selfless service, high wisdom, great strength and complete dedication and strives to enrich your life with all of these. This yantra with gold plated chain has indeed brought a positive change in the life of its users. Hanuman Chalisa is the most powerful recitations on the Earth believed to sanctify a person’s surroundings.

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Important features of Hanuman Chalisa Yantra

  • The Yantra is manufactured using shiny mix of alloys
  • It has a picture of the Panch Mukhi Hanumanji neatly engraved in the product
  • Clearly engraved Panch Mukhi Hanumanji’s picture.
  • The entire verse of Hanuman Chalisa is engraved on the backside in small yet legible font size

Hanuman Chalisa comprises of 40 quatrains summarizing the grandeur of Lord Hanuman. The entire inscription done in this product needs a small crystal (4x4 mm). Due to this the inscription remains to be durable and quite legible. The Hanuman Chalisa Yantra which has high demand amongst the devotees is created using the nano-graphics technology available only in Belgium to inscribe text on this holy object. It is believed to bring sound health and prosperity into the homes of the users.

Nothing evil can affect the person who uses the sacred Hanuman Chalisa Yantra. It is a mini representation of the deity who is worshipped to seek blessings for a healthy life and good fortune. With positive hanuman yantra reviews shared by various buyers, one can definitely be assured of the true presence and effects of its power in our lives to attain the necessary peace.

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